My Bullet Journal Page for March 2016

So, I’m a bullet journal-er. And a goal setter.

For the month of January, my goal was to only let my phone be a phone on the weekend and after 6 pm on weeknights. That meant no social media during those times.

And, I reached my goal. (There were one or two times, I used Maps, or checked the weather quickly, but basically, I met the goal.)

Which left me with a surprising amount of time. To think.

And I realized that I need to DO MORE OF WHAT MAKES ME HAPPY! (More on that here.)

SO, during one of my computer go times. . . . . I signed up for a journal-making mixed -media art class at our local painting studio.

Waaaaaaaay outside my comfort zone, me being about as left-brained, non artsy-fartsy as a human can be.

I enjoy art. And appreciate the talent and craftsmanship necessary to produce all kinds. Paintings, sculptures, music, etc. But I’ve sort of always approached art like I was in some grand Art Appreciation Class – for my cultural betterment, and art’s educational value.

Art for art’s sake seemed a frivolous waste of time and money. And ME creating any? No way – that’s not me.

But, I finally have realized that life without art, creativity and whimsy (oh, goodness, left-brained me totally freaked out at the word “whimsy”) is sort of like eating food with no spices. It will get the job done, sure, but who wants to live like that?

So, this blog is all about my LEAP into the RIGHT-BRAINED world of art and fun. Joyfulness and creativity. Just because.

I’m not really sure what to expect.  I have hopes about the outcomes, but in the meantime I’m smiling more.

And really, isn’t that reward enough?


3 thoughts on “Leap!

  1. I soooo loved this! It made me smile! Creativity is in all of us, but some of us just need to find it still 🙂 enjoy the journey!


  2. I just clicked the ‘bullet journal’ link! LOVE! Thanks for sharing that one. I basically do it but not quite… 🙂 I’m a bit uncomfortable with your ‘right-brain/art’ talk but I’ll follow along in your journey and live vicariously thru you. haha! xxo


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