Baby Steps

When I decided to “Do More of What Makes Me Happy” in 2016, I signed up for a journal-making, mixed-media arts class at the local painting studio.

I went alone, and in the second month. They had already made the journal, now they were just making pages. But the determination to do SOMETHING fun and creative spurred me on, while the idea of making mixed media art lured me forward.

It all started when I discovered Kelly Rae Robert’s work. It is fun, and beautiful, and whimsical, without being silly.

And the words. I love words. Her words are inspiring and uplifting and make me want to be more than who I am. Precisely the very best use of words, in my opinion.

And the very best use of art too.

So, I imagined myself creating fun, hip bits of art with cool catch phrases that I’d want to run home and hang all over my walls.

In reality, I ended up with THIS the first month.

bad journal page #1

And THIS, the second.

bad journal page #2

Clearly, not excellent work.

But still, so much fun. And I drank a mimosa while making the second one, so what could possibly be bad about that use of my time, right?

And I believe there is a marked improvement between “bad journal page #1” and “bad journal page #2”. (I mean, at this rate, Kelly will have to be looking over her shoulder come December. )  ;0)

And so, I soldier on, realizing that it’s OK to stink at something you’ve never done before and it’s OK to stink at it forever, but to keep on doing it, if it brings you JOY!


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