The Little Things

-The little things ARE the big things-

A little thing

(a.k.a. Sneaking art in)

So, I’ve had three babies in 6 years, and to be honest, it knocked me off stride.

I love babies and I hate sleepless nights.

Anyone who knows me well will tell you that if you ever call me and I sound half asleep, just hang up the phone. Trust me. It’s better this way.

I have this angry person who inhabits me and says perfectly awful things when half asleep. (My husband is afraid that’s the “real me” and this other person is just a cover.)

All that to say, I haven’t really been myself these past several years. Some women handle all their maternity with style and grace. Nursing babies whilst running home businesses and homeschooling the rest of their flock, magically in love with their husband and giggling about their latest honeymoon-like getaway. They cook three course meals from scratch and lead a women’s Bible study.

That ain’t me.

Two little bittys had me “whelmed”.  Adding a third baby pushed me into that frantic realm of OVERwhelmed.

BUT, I’m finally starting to get my feet back under me.  I was actually able to mail a (wait for it) . . . . . . HANDMADE gift to a friend of mine for her birthday recently. (Yay me!)

But wait, there’s more!

It arrived ON TIME !  (Yay me!)

And, most importantly for the purposes of this blog, I was able to use making her card as an excuse to make ART!

Being creative is messy.

OK stamping may be cheating, but I used the cool chalk set I have to color in the stamped images and it was fun, and I love the result.

Cool chalk set

A success all the way around.

I plan to continue sneaking in art wherever and whenever I can. Because, little things matter.  




2 thoughts on “The Little Things

  1. Life is messy, art is joyful. I feel you are on the right path…love and care for your family AND care for yourself! Let’s be friends, you had me at mimosa.😅

    Liked by 1 person

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