I’m Baaaaack!

And I’ve begun! Finally!

I know it’s only been a couple of weeks, but it’s seemed like a loooong time on my end of things. I have been battling an illness, which taught me many things.

  1. I am completely dependent upon God. He is in control and I am SOOOOOOO not!
  2. I can count on my husband. Utterly, totally. That man loves me and took charge , not only of doing all of his work and mine, but also of taking care of me while I recuperate.
  3. My kids are AWESOME! They have pitched in and helped out. They’ve stepped up to more responsibility without complaint, prayed for my recovery, comforted and loved me, and helped with the baby.
  4. My friends are great. They text messaged me to check up on me and prayed for me and encouraged me. One even kept our kids so my husband could take me to urgent care.
  5. I refuse to take good health for granted. I will be grateful each day I have the energy to get out of bed and make breakfast for my family moving forward.

So, while being ill was miserable, and I’m still not back to myself (I lost about 15 lbs that I didn’t have to lose, so I’m a little weak and weary) I’m well on the road to recovery.

And that means ART is HAPPENING!

I just finished my first full-on messy art class with KRR and I loved it! So much fun.

My Creative Director enjoying a snack.

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