2 Steps Back


Having a focus (referred to as an intention in the class) has been the way each painting lesson has started. Either written on a note, or on ourselves, to encourage us to remember what we are trying to accomplish.

After struggling last time, with not liking the end result, I watched the next lesson hoping for some huge change in direction.

There was a bit of a change in direction, creating cohesion, but I was still struggling with where my pieces were going, working and re-working them in my mind

It’s been a busy week around here, leaving me to sit with that struggle and think about it all for MANY days since I didn’t have the time to work it out on the canvas.

Finally, I came to a conclusion.

I don’t like the direction my paintings were going. I just don’t really like the way my collage-y canvases were shaping up.

The painting part was pure joy. The layering and papering bits, not so much.

So, I made an executive decision. I decided to “do” me.

Thats why all but one of these looks unrecognizable.

Because I painted over them. Mostly.

I’m happy again. And enjoying the process again. And I don’t feel pressure to go in a direction I just don’t like.

I returned to the joy. And I don’t feel bad about the “wasted” layers or time. Because learning what I love, what I enjoy and am drawn to, can never be a waste of time. 

So even though it may seem like taking two steps backward, for me it’s one giant leap forward.

That’s ART baby! And life too, it seems.

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