A finished piece

So, so much has happened since I last wrote.

  1. my husband accepted a new position with his company. (Which included a move HOME to New Mexico!)
  2. I did a serious happy dance (ok, maybe several happy dances)And I called everyone I know to share the great news.
  3. We put our house in Colorado on the market. Which included cleaning, storing all personal decorative items plus about half of all of our other stuff)
  4. We started shopping for houses in New Mexico (which included several 16 hour round trips in the car with three littles – and one without)
  5. Our house in Colorado was shown multiple times (which meant quick clean ups and rushing 3 littles out of the house)
  6. Our house in Colorado sold! Yippee!
  7. We put an offer on a house in New Mexico. It was accepted.
  8. We WAITED. (For what seemed forever- but was really more like 3 weeks)
  9. We MOVED!

So, as you can imagine, that left little time for art.

But I had already finished two pieces.

And THIS one, like me is totally comfortable in its new home.


Now, keep in mind, I had NO idea we were moving back when I painted this, let alone what color the new living room or mantel would be!

I LOVE that it seems made for this place. Can’t wait to get a terrific frame for it.

. . . . . and I LOVE being HOME!



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