A new favorite of mine to inspire you. Beautiful art by a beautiful young woman.

Breezy Brookshire

and her Etsy shop

Her drawings make me want to step inside and stay awhile.





Follow Your Own Heart

“Follow your own heart. Mine brought me to the mountains.”

It’s easy to forget, as moms, who we are. Or to slow down long enough to listen to our own hearts.

And it’s noble and it’s good and it’s right that we put others before ourselves sometimes.

Even most of the time.

But I’m learning that it’s important to still be who God created you to be. Not just an automaton getting things done. But ALL you.

Complex. Multifaceted. Someone your kids might want to know.

The little years are hard, so take a few deep breaths and they will be over. There won’t be much time for what I’m talking about here. But that’s ok. It’s a season.

And when that season has passed. . . Follow your OWN heart. Where it leads might just surprise you. Or more likely, remind you.

Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4