This is me. And you should know that I am left-brained. EXTREMELY, MASSIVELY, like 80% (according to some internet test, which must be accurate RIGHT?) left-brained.

But, this year is different. This year I am 45. Which, for me, is middle-aged. At least it would be great if this is middle-aged because then I wouldn’t die until I’m 90 and I will have an opportunity to dance at the weddings of all four of my children. Yes, even the one I just had last year.

Oh yeah, there’s that. I’m happily married and have 4 children, most of them lately. And it’s wonderful and exhausting all at the same time. And I’ve been a full-time stay-at-home-Momma for the past 7 years. And now I homeschool the middle two. The oldest is an adult, who could teach me a thing or two, and, as I mentioned above, the youngest was just born months ago.

So, basically, I’m tired.

A lot.

But this year is different. I was racking my brain about what my “word” for the year was going to be. (Who the heck came up with the idea to cram all of the opportunity, goals, desire and dreams for a WHOLE year into one tiny word!) So I couldn’t do it.

No ONE word was gonna cut it. I’m 45 for heaven’s sake, I got STUFF to do. And I’m tired of being TIRED!

So, I picked a slogan.



I even made an ugly journal page with that on it. (More on that here)


(See? I told you.)


Sounds selfish doesn’t it? That’s my left-brain practical side talking.

But ever since I read John Piper’s book about Christian Hedonism, I’ve been marinating in this idea that we glorify God most when we most enjoy Him, and I think I’m doing this whole Christian thing all wrong.

Because basically, I’ve been making myself pretty miserable. And not enjoying much of anything.

Really, I wouldn’t treat the hired help the way I’ve been treating me. And I wouldn’t work for anyone who treated me this way either.

Turns out, all work and no play make Shannon a grouchy, mean, short-tempered woman. Let alone dull.

So, the slogan.


And I realized that what makes me happy, generally happens on the right side of my brain.

But I’m not even sure what all that includes just yet.

So this blog is me. Me trying to discover what makes me happy! Playing, if you will. On the right side of my brain.

Join me?






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